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#487  Michel Courvreur Meldrum House - Old Meldrum Pale Single Single NAS Single Malt Scotch (No Region)
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40-49:Below Average
70-79:Very Good
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AwardsTaste Award: Silver
Tasting # 564: I've now apparently had 2/3 of the MCMHOM line.  (26-MAR-2012)
NotesAside from the long name, awful wax seal and wine bottle cork, I love Michael Courvreur whiskies. The 12 was a beautiful glass and I was thrilled to see a second bottle arrive thanks to my Scotch-loving brother.
Well it's PALE alright. My issues with the bottle are spelled out above.
SmellLemony. Smells like big oak, lemons and a very floral top. Auchentosh? Macallan? There's nothing sweet here, it's a pilsner mixed with gin.
TasteReminds me of the recent Deanston, except that this is wonderful. I've moved my guess to Dalwhinnie, this has a tart nose but the glass (after adding some water) is clean joy. The wood is smooth, dry and tasty. The top is lemons and it finds a little sweetness from rose water and pecans. The middle is chardonnay and tonic water. It's very dry and requires a bit of patience and slow contemplation, but it ultimately rewards you with a (yes) pale, slightly tart, very refreshing glass. Mid 80s.
Tasting Score86

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