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#251  Passport NAS Blended Scotch
This cost is what I found the likely shelf price for a 750ml bottle to be, based on an average of costs throughout the USA. Your price may differ significantly. This is not an advertisement of sale, this bottle is likely empty by now anyway Cost$1000Bottle Image. Image is © Practical Whisky. Bottle, logo and other trademarked imagery are © their respective owners.
40-49:Below Average
70-79:Very Good
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The whisky's score as weighed against the cost of a bottle. Adj. Score
Misc:The old style bottle and extensive heraldry leads you to wonder.
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Tasting # 273: A Passport to fair drinking  (25-JUN-2008)
NotesLink to another reviewPassport is a standard shelf mate of many well known whiskies, one of the old guard who I can never seem to find in standard bottle sizes or, so help me, miniatures. This bargain priced mainstay fares well enough, a surprise when you consider the weakness of some of its comrades.
Not holding out high hopes, although I've nothing to back that up with other than a string of mediocre blends.
SmellBlendy, which is my term for lots of light grains (wheat and such) with some prickle. This is mostly wheat and barley, nothing exciting but lacking all the warning signs I was looking to find. Given some time a drop or two of water it develops a Spey influence of honeysuckle and even a nice warmth underneath. Could be a surprise either way, though.
TasteSomewhat waxy at first, then builds a great warmth and a good set of wood and grain top flavors that will win it some points. Take your time for the warmth, too much water or too quick a sip and it's gone. The top loses the wood, keeps the warmth. The Speyside flavors come out, slight sweetness and a lot of prickle. The fade is a bit choppy, nothing new shows up and it fades into a fair finish that ends slightly off. Impressive considering the cost, Passport might just be my new go-to at weddings. It can't quite hold up in big sips and there's a slight lack of depth and it's missing a few things, but overall it pulls off quite a coup for less than a Jackson. Very high 60s, can't quite cross the 70 line.
Tasting Score69

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